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ZZ Furs' take on the classic denim jacket is suitably luxe. Handcrafted in Italy, this blue piece is lined with premium sable fur in rich chocolate tone that's visible at the collar, cuffs and front side of the jacket. Fur can be easy detachable by button fasteners and worn as a separate beautiful piece - sable fur gilet. This makes the garment more universal as you can wear it mostly with everything from dresses to jeans.

Sable Fur Denim Jacket 3in1

SKU: SfJj3in1
Colour: Natural sable fur colour
  • Sable Fur Denim Jacket can be worn 3 different ways:

    • Denim jacket and sable fur gilet undernetah ( two pieces together )
    • Denim jacket / sable fur gilet itself ( each piece separately )


    - Sable fur gilet, cuffs are easy detachable from the denim jacket by button fasteners 

    - Adjuster drawstring at waist level ( fur gilet )

    - Flap pockets on denim jacket at chest/bust level

    - Banded collar

    - Full length sleeves, length - 60 cm ( denim jacket )

    - Button front fastening ( denim jacket ), concealed hook fastening ( fur gilet )

    - Side vertical pockets ( denim jacket )

    - Length - 70 cm 

    - Bust circumference - 110 cm

    - Fur's quality certificate 'Saga furs'

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