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Custom-made Service

We are honoured to offer you a custom-made service that will allow you to design your very own fur coat. You will be cared for every step of the way by one of our professional stylists either in the showroom or online. Attention to every detail allows us to tailor your specific needs at the moment of custom-made order.

Here are some information on how we work with custom-made orders:

  • MEASUREMENTSWe require your measurements. You can either measure yourself ( we are happy to provide online guidance to help you with measurements ) or arrange an appointment at our showroom and we will take your measurements. Please note, when taking measurements yourself you are responsible for providing real measurements as we will be using given measurements to make your fur coat. It is always a good idea to measure yourself a few times in the same area to make sure you have got the right number. Also, we would like kindly remind that in a case if you sent us your wrong measurements and the coat has already been made, we are not responsible for that, and therefore, are not entitled to re-make the fur coat for free.

  • DESIGN & FUR & COLOUR. We will guide you for every step of the way by providing our professional opinion regarding any inquiry you might have. We are happy to help you to choose the best design for your fur coat. You might choose any fur skin you prefer and mix & match a few different fur options in your coat. You will be pleased with availability of a broad range of colours we can offer to you. During creative and production processes everything will be discussed with you.

  • TIME DURATION. Usually custom-made orders are done within 3 weeks time, however, sometimes it might take up to 1,5 months depending on a complexity of the individual request. Every custom-made order duration is always discussed individually before anything is done and will be confirmed with you to meet your time requirements.

  • WARRANTY. We are honoured to offer you 2 years manufacture warranty. Please note, our warranty covers solely manufacture faults. We shouldn't be held responsible for mistreatment of the custom-made fur item. 

  • EXCHANGE & RETURN. Please note, due to the type of request, we are not able to offer you either return or exchange for the custom-made item. 

  • CONFIRMATION. Please note, we will accept your custom-made order after every detail will be discussed and confirmed with you. We will provide to you the full information regarding the order including but not limited to price, time duration, materials being used, etc. We will start manufacture process only after we have got your final confirmation

  • PAYMENT & SHIPPING. We require 50% of the discussed price at the start of the custom-made order manufacture process, and 50% when custom-made fur item has already been manufactured but before it has been shipped to you. As soon as we get full payment for the item, we will ship it to you within the next 1-2 working days. 

Please,                      for any further questions you might have regarding your custom-made order as every case is discussed individually.